An innovative sourcing channel for all your general merchandise & household needs. We source products to offer you unrivalled support and the best service for your business.

With our head office in the UK, DID has created a global brand offering more than 2000 basic essential items over 36 categories direct from factories in China to your designated region/country throughout the world.

We have an ever-growing reputation in the export, supply and distribution market, with an immense range of high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Our network of over 1000 factories and a designated sourcing team allows us to be competitive in our marketplace.

Customer experience is at the forefront of our business practice. We genuinely appreciate the need for the correct selection of products, a well-maintained supply of high-quality goods and the importance of prompt services. So what makes DID a cut above the rest?

No language barrier!

Difficulties tend to be a common occurrence at multilingual meetings, while translation services can be costly, hard to source, and usually prone to error. This often disrupts the flow of your business and has a detrimental impact. However, with DID, instead of relying on desperate attempts to mime out every question and query, our dedicated and experienced team will prevent the language barrier from getting in the way!

Get ahead of the competition!

We source goods at unbeatable prices! Navigating through the foreign market can often be a difficult journey. Costs and expenses tend to rise excessively when businesses attempt to source products independently: your time is money, leaving your business back home and spending several days on a business trip has its drawbacks.

We work hard to give you the best value possible by matching our competitors’ prices 24/7 to bring you the best value, always! Our vast experience, incredible range of contacts and established credibility ensures we have the upper hand over our counterparts. Our buying power allows us to get the best prices directly so you can get net factory prices and be competitive.

Help your cash flow!

Your cash flow is like a water tank: water comes in at the top and drains out the bottom. So to keep your tank nice and full, you want more coming in than going out right? We help ensure your tank is never entirely drained upon placing your order! Most of our competitors seek 100% payment when you place your order. However, we at DID understand the need for you to sustain your cash flow: therefore we keep our deposits low to ensure you capital isn’t compromised.

Why we are one of a kind

We are unique unlike any other!

If the answers to any of the above, if not all are “no”, then get in touch with us today. We can provide you an unrivalled service.

There are huge benefits you to trade with us. We have sales staff in UK to relate your needs and requirements to our sourcing colleagues in China, where we have a dedicated team of individuals ready to cater for your individual needs.

Along with our head office in UK, we are in the process of adding offices more local to you in 2020 with offices in UAE, USA, Australia & Africa on the horizon, thus emphasizing our business model.

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